Covert usage & Personal Router

Invisible to observers, integrated kill-switch, customization by team of experts.

Each Cryptohippie Select customer is assigned a personal VPN router. This is the only IP address an observer will ever see. We never publish a list of VPN router addresses nor are they easily available to attackers. This protects our customers against blocking and suspicion because it is not obvious to anybody that they are using a privacy service.

With our default “Automatic” connection profile, the VPN will connect whenever there is an Internet connection, routing both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic through our privacy service. This prevents user-error and ensures that you won’t use the Internet without protection. Should the VPN get disconnected for any reason, it will always reconnect.

The personal VPN router also gives you access to our team of experts that will help you with customization requests. Should you want to disable blocking for a specific questionable source of ads or tracking, or if you need a specialized geo-located exit for some websites, we’re here to help.

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