Multi-Hop & Multi-Jurisdiction

All traffic is routed through multiple hops - no single entity that needs to be trusted.

At Cryptohippie Select we consider privacy protection to be not just a technological challenge. In addition, legal and organizational aspects need to be considered.

We route all traffic through nodes that are located in different jurisdictions, and operated by independent parties without cross-ownership. This means that you will never have to trust in a single company, set of system administrators, or legal framework.

Cryptohippie is split into multiple independent companies:

  • Cryptohippie USA, which only manages customer relationships and sales. It has not access to any network infrastructure or data.

  • Cryptohippie Panama, which only operates exit servers but never has any access to user identity or original user IP addresses.

  • A set of companies located in Europe that operate the personal VPN routers but never have access to the user identity or the final anonymized IP addresses.

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