Android installation instructions

Installing Cryptohippie Select is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Before following the steps from our video installation, please read the following:

  1. Open on a second device (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) and log into your account.
  2. In the menu, above your account number, click on “WireGuard”.
  3. Keep that page open, since you will need the QR code to complete the installation with your Android device.
  4. Watch the video to complete the installation, or follow the steps outlined below the video.
  5. Open Google Play store on your device.
  6. Search for “Wireguard” and install it.
  7. Open the “Wireguard” app.
  8. Click on the blue “plus” icon on the lower right of the screen.
  9. Click on “Create from QR Code”.
  10. You will be asked to give Wireguard permission to use the camera. Allow this.
  11. Scan one of the QR codes displayed on the page of your Cryptohippie Select account.
  12. When asked, give the connection the name “CHSelect” and click “Create Tunnel”.
  13. Connect to Cryptohippie select by clicking the switch next to the “CHSelect” profile in the wireguard app.
  14. You will be asked for permission to allow the connection. Click “OK”.
  15. On recent Android versions you can also configure the VPN to always automatically connect and prevent traffic outside the VPN. We strongly recommend doing this.
  16. Go to the Android Settings.
  17. Go to “Connections”.
  18. Go to “VPN”, you might have to click on “More connection settings” to find it.
  19. Click on the “gear” icon next to Wireguard.
  20. Click on “Always-on VPN” to enable.
  21. Click on “Block connections without VPN” to enable.
  22. The setup is now complete.