Cryptohippie Select

Secure Internet Device

Professional level security, on your iPad, iPod Touch and Mac OS X

What is Cryptohippie Select?

Cryptohippie Select is a custom service providing you with the best security and privacy available. It works on your iPad, iPod Touch and Max OS X. We configure your device to give you private email, protected web surfing, instant messaging, voice calls and a personal Bitcoin wallet, all of it running through Cryptohippie’s privacy network.

To do this, we assign you a personal connection to our network (we call this a Personal Virtual Router), then provide you with a curated list of applications, configurations and services for secure and private communication and Internet usage. High security and confidentiality are now available to non-specialists. And it comes from Cryptohippie, one of the oldest and most trusted privacy providers.

What do I get?

You get a personal connection to our network that encrypts and anonymizes everything you do on line. We also connect you to our continuously updated Select handbook, which is a curated set of applications and secure configurations.

But if you have difficulty with the configurations, all Select users have the option of mailing the device to us for configuration. We’ll mail it back fully configured and ready to use. We also (for Select clients only) provide customer service via text messaging. Our Virtual Personal Routers are unique to Cryptohippie and are a critical component of the Select service, since beyond everything else they do, they don’t give away that you’re using a privacy service.

Also included is access to the Cryptogroup private email service that allows you to exchange messages with your peers without any leaks to the public Internet, as well as sending and receiving protected emails to the rest of the world. We also include offshore data storage for backups and document exchange.

Have a look at our verification tests.

What does it cost?

You provide the device and our annual subscription is currently $398 per year.

Is there a catch?

Actually, there are several:

  • Cryptohippie Select is presently limited to only 500 subscribers.
  • You still need a good Wi-Fi connection. We don’t replace that.
  • If you’re at a hotel or similar location with a “captive portal” (the ones you have to sign in to), you’ll have to tether your iPad to your phone to access the Internet. It’s super-easy to do, but the hotel system will not work for you.
  • Cryptohippie Select is only available for Mac OS X and iOS devices. We recommend iPad or iPod Touch (but not iPhone).
  • You device must be running iOS 12 and upward, or Mac OS X 10.12 and upward.

For more information or to reserve your account, email: